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Ilo-Kaisa Volmer

Ilo-Kaisa is working as a Recruitment Partner at the Tammiste Personalibüroo. She helps employers to find the right employees – people who fit into the team like pieces of a puzzle and bring additional value with their skills and qualities.

“I want to bring positive changes to both recruiting companies and candidates, and offer the best customer experience to all parties.”

Before joining Tammiste’s team, Ilo-Kaisa was involved with the aviation sector. She obtained higher education at the Estonian Aviation Academy after which she started working for a well-known Estonian aviation company.

Ilo-Kaisa has always liked working with people, which is why she soon found herself in the HR department, where she first worked as an HR specialist, but later also as a recruiter.

Ilo-Kaisa started working at Tammiste in May 2022. Tammiste Personalibüroo attracted her attention with its interesting recruitment video “Reverse Job Interview”, which also featured a woman named Kaisa. It was a sign! Ilo-Kaisa got to experience the comprehensiveness and versatility of Tammiste’s recruitment process, which encouraged her to join the team even more.

While working in Tammiste, Ilo-Kaisa has grown a lot and has had the opportunity to look behind the scenes at various sectors. There have been many opportunities for discovery and learning, but so far, the most interesting challenge has been the recruitment of technical positions.

At the end of 2022, Ilo-Kaisa also participated in IT recruitment training to support companies in both IT and technical recruitment even better.

Ilo-Kaisa has helped establish the following employment relationships:

  • Venten OÜ – Maintenance Technician; Sales Secretary
  • GRK Eesti AS – HR Manager; Utility Networks Project Manager
  • eu-Lisa – Office Manager
  • International Company – Accountant; Junior Accountant
  • Deck Marine Systems OÜ – Robotics Engineer
  • Paged Eesti OÜ – HR manager
  • Eesti Talleks AS – Assistant
  • SSAB Swedish Steel Eesti OÜ – Indoor Sales Specialist
  • OÜ KLV Arstikabinet – Secretary
  • Balti Kella OÜ – Sales Master

Colleagues about Ilo-Kaisa:

Ilo-Kaisa’s infectious energy and happy spirit make her a particularly great colleague. Her ability to be thorough and capture nuances is admirable.

She has previously been entrusted with the recruitment of pilots but we can also entrust her with positions closer to the ground, so to speak.

Ilo-Kaisa’s youthful and bold approach and at the same time the ability to adapt to different clients and situations bring great value to our work.

Ilo-Kaisa has completed the following trainings and obtained licenses:

Ilo Kaisa Volmer - Tammiste Personalibüroo | Värbamine - Koolitus - Coaching


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