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Ingrid Valgma

At Tammiste Personalibüroo, Ingrid is a partner for companies and organizations in the selection process of new specialists and top managers. She supports managers throughout the entire recruitment process, from mapping their needs for recruitment to the end of the new employee’s onboarding period.

“Working at Tammiste Personalibüroo has broadened my horizons enormously, and I am very grateful to those companies and people who have walked this path with me and developed me. For me, trust, openness and cooperation are the keywords that lay the foundation for a successful partnership, and I also offer cooperation based on such values to our clients and candidates. For me, it is important that a person finds a job that brings joy and self-fulfillment to his life, because such people provide invaluable value to our clients.”

Ingrid has obtained a master’s degree in personnel and organizational management at Tallinn University of Technology. In addition, she has supported his professional development with PARE’s HR basic training and several trainings that develop communication and consulting competencies.

Her previous working life brought her together with various international service companies, where working allowed her to develop both as a team and process manager.

Ingrid joined the Tammiste Personalibüroo in 2015, when she decided to make a career change and left the tourism sector to focus on HR issues.

Ingrid has helped establish the following successful working relationships:

  • BVT Partners OÜ – Maintenance Engineer
  • SIA Daw Baltica Eesti filiaal – Technical Consultant-Trainer
  • Tanker Brewey OÜ – Production Planner
  • Wendre AS – Marketing Specialist
  • Invent Baltics OÜ – Business Consultant
  • Tartu Teaduspark SA – Member of the Management Board; Artificial Intelligence Expert
  • CIVITTA –  Senior Digital And Industrial Projects Consultant; Senior Health Consultant
  • Surgitech AS – Compliance Control Specialist
  • PlusPlus Capital AS – Senior Lawyer; operations manager; Group General Counsel; Financial Manager; Lawyer
  • Nordic Beach OÜ – Events Project Manager; Steel Beach Manager
  • Raja KT OÜ – Purchasing Manager
  • NJ Production OÜ – Global Event Manager
  • Advokaadibüro RASK OÜ – Marketing Assistant
  • Lantmännen Unibake Estonia AS – Production Planner
  • Civitta Eesti AS – Project Manager of Corporate Financing; Area Manager of Corporate Financing; Senior Analyst in the research and evaluation team
  • Royal Unibrew Eesti OÜ – Tanker Production Manager; Tanker Production and Logistics Planner
  • Monestro – Digital Marketing Manager; Loan Originator Relations Manager; Member of the Management Board
  • Skepast&Puhkim OÜ – Project Manager of Detailed Planning
  • BVT Partners OÜ – Accounting Specialist
  • Krimelte OÜ – Technical Manager
  • Invent Baltics – Project Manager; Business Consultant
  • Deloitte Audit Eesti AS – Sworn Auditor
  • eu-LISA – Junior Administrative Assistant; Senior Administrative Assistants; Senior Accounting Assistant; Senior Assistant (Language Editor) and Senior Administrative Assistant
  • AS Kesko Senukai Estonia – Store Manager
  • Viimsi Keevitus AS – Designer of Water and Sewage Systems
  • Fresh Finance Group – Head of Credit; Financial Manager
  • Envoice – CMO/Growth Marketer
  • SA Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus – Green Footprint Project Manager; HR Specialist; Communication Specialist
  • Chemi-Pharm AS – Office Assistant
  • Clyde Bergemann Eesti AS – Production Manager

Colleagues about Ingrid:

Ingrid is a good and sweet colleague, whose pleasant humour helps to calm down even the most critical moments. Her warmth creates a pleasant and good atmosphere for cooperation. Ingrid always helps with development projects in our own company. 

Her commitment and consistency add value to all her endeavors. Ingrid perceives both people and organizations well, she has a wonderful sense of which person can fit where. It is for this reason that her clients turn to her again and again when they need help finding the right employees.

Ingrid has completed the following trainings and obtained licenses:

Ingrid Valgma värbamispartner


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