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Merje Liis Sepp

Merje Liis’ role is to be the recruitment partners’ right hand and support them in preparing and conducting projects. Her main task is to headhunt and identify potential candidates and their strengths according to the companies’ wishes.

Her work also includes timely and correct preparation of offers and contracts. In addition, she assists companies in creating and publishing advertising campaigns.

“My previous experience in the dance industry has given me the opportunity to meet people from very different backgrounds around the world. Thanks to this, I can see beneath the surface and identify the strengths of the candidates that the client needs to fill the missing link in their team. I believe that collaboration is the foundation and in order to be successful, the team must also have a good synergy with each other.”

Previously, Merje Liis has worked as a dance teacher and a communication manager, simultaneously operating in multiple positions. She obtained her higher education at Tallinn University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Choreography. In addition, she has enhanced her knowledge with IT courses in programming and technical support specialist roles.

Merje Liis is the newest team member of Tammiste Personalibüroo. She joined the team at the end of April 2023.

 Merje Liis has completed the following trainings and obtained licenses:

Värbamisspetsialist Merje-Liis Sepp


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