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Candidate’s journey through our job competition

If you want to find a new job, we offer you confidentiality and our dedication. If you participate in our competition, we kindly ask for your patience as we approach our projects very thoroughly.

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The process of a competition:

1. We would like to meet you for a longer interview to understand your professional goals, motivation, previous experience, and important skills so we can be your partner in finding a new job.

2. We conduct comprehensive tests to get a thorough overview of your abilities, personal characteristics and behaviour. As a bonus, you will get feedback on the results of the tests.

3. You will meet with the future employer. Our recruitment partner, who you have already met, will also participate. She has previously written a comprehensive summary of the job interview for the employer, i.e. she has already familiarized the employer with your preliminary information. Now you have the opportunity to introduce yourself personally and ask questions that are important to you.

4. We conduct background checks on selected final candidates. This will be agreed on separately.

5. Your confidentiality is maintained and your information is carefully stored throughout the process. Our recruitment partner constantly updates you about the progress of the competition.

By entering your data in the Tammiste Talent Bank, you can also apply to a competition of your interest. If you can’t find a suitable job offer right now, think about your expectations for a new job in more detail. If possible, improve and update your data in the Talent Bank so that we can invite you directly to a competition. Also check our recently completed competitions and, if interested, contact the recruitment partner indicated in the advertisement. If the competition is still running, you can participate.


Jagame oma uudiskirjas personalitöö-, juhtimis- ja suhtlemisalaseid kogemusi ja mõtteid. Igas uudiskirjas anname infot ka tööpakkumiste ja koolituste kohta.

Kinnitame, et kaitseme uudiskirjaga liitunute isikuandmeid ega levita neid kolmandatele osapooltele.