Tammiste Personalibüroo - värbamine, koolitus

Support for successful application for a more responsible position

In order to successfully apply for an attractive job, it is important to thoroughly prepare the entire process so that your experience and skills are clearly visible and understandable to the potential employer.
How to write a motivation letter or a cover letter, what to include in your CV – these are the primary questions asked. You can find recommendations, templates and tips on the Internet, but to catch the eye and create interest, we recommend that you prepare your documents in a personal way and avoid samples and popular templates.

Tammiste Personalibüroo - nõustamine edukaks kandideerimiseks

The main focus of our consultation is preparing the candidate for successful participation in the competition:

  • We help the candidate to think about their behaviour and attitude during the application process.
  • Together we map the candidate’s strengths, but also the skills that need development.
  • We support preparation for an important job interview or meeting with members of the management.

We recommend consultations to mid-level and senior managers who are about to take an important step on their career ladder. Based on our experience, 2-3 meetings have proven beneficial.

Counselling is conducted and coordinated by Sirje Tammiste and Kadi Kuuskmann.


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