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Recommendations for a job search

The process of finding a job can seem complicated, emotional, and it is believed that a large part of it depends on luck.
When creating a successful work relationship, purposeful and conscious activities are important. Here we share some recommendations for finding a job that is just for you.

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  • Your goal – think and map out what field you would want to work in (service, production, construction, administration, agriculture, etc.)
  • How big should the company be – make a list of all the companies where you could see yourself working.
  • Update the list of possible employers constantly – follow the news about these companies.
  • Analyze your skills and experience – what could be your next dream job? Be realistic and avoid applying to positions if you lack the education/knowledge/experience. These are the formal requirements on the basis of which the pre-selection is made. In this way, you save yourself from rejections or from not getting a reply at all.

Unfortunately, many companies do not provide feedback to all applicants. So don’t take it personally – it rather shows the employer’s recruitment culture, the awareness of the recruiter or the attitude towards their work.

  • Prepare your CV and motivation letter, which you should adjust according to the position. Be careful and make sure that there are no wrong names in the text.
  • Follow the offers of public job portals, create an account there and add your correct CV. Many personnel companies have created their own talent banks where you can enter data confidentially. In this way, you will also find out about confidential or target search job offers. Tammiste Personalibüroo sends a newsletter twice a month with an overview of ongoing competitions. Subscribe to our newsletter and get notified of our job offers!
  • Send your CV with a proper motivation letter to all the companies where you would like to work. There is no shame in looking for a job. Most people have been in a situation where they have had to look for a new job.
  • Think about whether you would be ready to change your place of residence. If so, how far and how you would plan your living arrangements. This will definitely be asked at the interview if the job is elsewhere. You can write about your willingness to change your place of residence in your motivation letter.
  • Find the HR Manager’s email address and send them your CV with a motivation letter – maybe they are looking for a new person right now and you are the perfect fit! If you don’t get an answer – don’t get discouraged! They probably do not have any suitable offers for you at the moment.
  • Make a list of companies to whom you have sent your CV. This way, you will avoid embarrassment when you are contacted and you do not remember having sent your CV there. If the caller still surprises you and you don’t remember much about this competition, ask for the opportunity to call back and quickly recall everything important related to this competition.
  • Make notes about any agreements. Note how the search process proceeds and when you can expect a response.
  • Get in touch with the people who could give you advice, recommendations, and tips when looking for a job.
  • Think about how long you can afford to look for a job and what your salary expectations are.
  • Be prepared to start in a new position with an easier job or a lower salary – if you have proven to be a good employee, you will move forward over time in terms of tasks, responsibilities, and salary.
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