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The purpose of the evaluation is to provide the client with professional assistance in assessing the abilities, personality traits and behavior of the candidate of interest. A comprehensive expert assessment written by our recruitment partner helps to decide whether the candidate is suitable for the given position.

Tammiste Personalibüroo - kandidaadi hindamine

Why is a thorough assessment of the candidates necessary?

  • People differ in terms of work productivity. The more complex the job is and the more responsibility it carries, the more impact the employee’s personal characteristics have on their performance.
    People differ in abilities and talent. Adeptness is a major source of individual differences affecting occupational performance. Self-confidence, desire and ambition are not enough for professional success.
  • People value the interestingness of a job differently. It has been found that a third of the workforce prefers a job that requires minimal mental effort and responsibility and favors to devote time and attention to close relationships and hobbies.
  • People differ in what leadership style they prefer and need. Many people prefer to have as much freedom as possible in their activities and are most successful under such leadership. Others, however, need precise and explicit guidance and control.
  • People differ in their need for social contact. How much communication do they need to be satisfied with their work?
  • People differ in their level of commitment and loyalty. Regardless of what the result is or how the company is doing, some employees might take on more responsibilities and commit more to their work than others.

Evaluation is useful:

  • If you have conducted the competition yourself, reached the final selection and are weighing between 2–3 candidates;
  • When conducting the company’s internal competition;
  • In career planning;
  • When assessing the potential of your employees and planning rotation.

To evaluate candidates, we use:

  • Focused interviews, during which we determine the candidates’ work experience and competencies. During the interview, we evaluate the candidate’s characteristic ways of behavior and thinking, which allows us to predict the success of the candidate in the future position.
  • Professional tests of abilities, personality traits and behavior help to assess the presence of the qualities and skills necessary for the position profile and to compare candidates with each other based on measurable qualities.
  • Background research during which we contact 2–3 referees who have worked with the candidate either as a colleague, partner, manager or subordinate. It is important to get an objective idea of the candidate’s daily attitude towards work, co-workers and the achievement of set goals.

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