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Full search service

Would you like to find a new team member who has the right skills, who would fit in with the existing team and who would help the company develop, but you don’t know where to start? You want recruitment to be fast, efficient and smooth, but you don’t have the resources for it?

Our experienced recruitment partners manage the entire recruitment process themselves for the full search service, so you can focus on making the final choice.

Approximately 8 weeks should be considered from the signing of the cooperation agreement to the decision.

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We will help you think through what kind of person your company needs and what will ensure success in the position to be filled. To do this, we visit your company before the start of the full search process to get to know the work environment and people. In addition, we will prepare a comprehensive job profile in cooperation with you, where we describe the tasks to be performed, the necessary skills, personal qualities for the job and what your company can offer a new colleague.

Once mutual agreements have been made, we will sign the cooperation agreement and start the search.


In full search, we use public search combined with targeted search to reach the right people in different ways.

We create a recruitment campaign for public search. We prepare the campaign message and visual solution, which we coordinate with you before publication. As the main channels, we use the landing page and newsletter on the website of Tammiste Personalibüroo, social network channels and, by agreement with you, also various paid channels.

As part of the targeted search, we invite suitable candidates for the competition from Tammiste Talent Bank, various databases, information channels and through recommendations from our contact network. This is how we reach potential candidates who may not be actively looking for job offers themselves at the moment.



We evaluate the candidate’s suitability for your team and the offered position in a full search through focused interviews, various tests and communication with recommenders.

We conduct a focused interview in order to find out the candidate’s motivation, expectations, work experience and competencies. In addition, during the interview, we evaluate the candidate’s behavior and ways of thinking, which make it possible to predict the candidate’s success in your team and in a new role.

We use a variety of tests to assess a candidate’s speed/accuracy, mental ability, personality traits, motivation and typical behaviors. Tests allow candidates to be compared based on specific measurable characteristics.

As part of background calls, we call 2-3 recommenders who have worked with the candidate either as a colleague, partner, manager or subordinate. It is important to get as objective an idea as possible of the candidate’s daily attitude towards work, co-workers and the achievement of set goals.


In the full search process, we present you with up to 4 candidates, from whom you can decide who you want to meet. Before meetings, we prepare summaries of interviews, tests and background calls. The summary gives you important information about the candidate and helps you make an informed decision. Our recruitment partners also attend meetings with candidates to support you in choosing a new colleague.



We give our work a 4-12 month guarantee depending on the position. This means that if, within the agreed time, it turns out that the employee we have found does not meet the requirements set by the cooperation agreement, we will look for new candidates for you at no additional cost. Our goal is to create a long-term and successful cooperation relationship, and we invest deeply in it.

Write to us or call +372 5698 8100 and let’s talk more!


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