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Headhunting is a recruitment process during which the employer’s need to fill a position is thoroughly mapped as well as possible areas and companies where candidates with such competence can be found. Our recruitment partners and assistants will then contact suitable candidates based on their profile to introduce your company and invite them to participate in the competition. The advantage of the targeted search is that it also reaches those candidates who are not actively looking for a new position.

Sihtotsing - Tammiste Personalibüroo

Duration: 3–6 weeks

For whom is this service suitable? Headhunting is suitable for companies that do not want to publish job advertisements in the media and job portals or want to find a new person confidentially. Also, when recruiting in areas in which employees are not actively looking for a new position.


PREPARATION FOR THE SEARCH – Headhunting is preceded by thorough preparation, during which we specify the structure of the recruitment process in cooperation with the client, map the needs of the company and specify the position profile, which includes the areas of responsibility and duties of the position, the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for the job, and the expectations for a suitable personality. Thorough preparation is essential for the success of headhunting. .

SEARCH OF CANDIDATES – We look for candidates from our extensive Talent Bank, through relational networks and recommendations of contact persons. In addition, we map companies where the competence you are looking for could be found and make direct offers to the people who meet the profile. We also use the information about candidates collected in previous recruitment projects.

ASSESSMENT – We conduct focused interviews with the candidates who have proven to be suitable based on their CV and short interviews. The aim is to determine the candidates’ work experience and competencies. During the interview, we evaluate the candidate’s characteristic ways of behavior and thinking, which allows us to predict the success of the candidate in the future position. In order to assess the personality characteristics of the candidates, we also use various tests, for which our recruitment partners and assistants have professional training. We also conduct reference checks by calling 2–3 referees who have worked with the candidate either as a colleague, partner, manager or subordinate. It is important to get an objective idea of the candidate’s daily attitude towards work, co-workers and the achievement of set goals.

FINAL SELECTION – We will present you with 2–4 candidates for the position, out of whom you can make your final choice. Before the final meetings with the candidates, we will provide you with summaries of the conducted interviews and test results. The summaries give you important additional information about the candidates and allow you to make an informed decision. We will also attend the final meetings with each shortlisted candidate to support you in your final selection.

GUARANTEE – We give a guarantee of 4–12 months depending on the position.

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