Pre-selection service

The pre-selection service is very flexible as we can tailor it exactly to your needs.
The purpose of the pre-selection process is to save clients’ time, which is spent on various technical operations at the initial stage of the search, analysis of CVs and creating a first impression of the candidates. At the beginning of the cooperation, together with the client, we map the necessary activities to carry out the recruitment process.

Eelvalik - Tammiste Personalibüroo

Duration:  2–5 WEEKS

For whom is this service suitable?:  Clients who want to be more involved in the recruitment process or need a time-saving solution for finding candidates.


Cooperation meeting
Specification of the business profile
Submission of an offer

Conclusion of contract

Publication of advertisement

Pre-selection: telephone interview
or short chat on Teams

Background check

Presentation of up to 8 candidates
Making a decision

PREPARATION FOR THE PROJECT – In cooperation with the client, we map the necessary activities to carry out the recruitment process. We also specify the position profile, which includes the areas of responsibility and duties of the position, the knowledge, skills and experience required for the job, and the expectations for a suitable person.

SEARCH OF CANDIDATES – In the pre-selection process, we use public search to find candidates. We publish job advertisements on our website and job portals, communicate with vocational and higher education institutions, and upon agreement, we also use paid media channels to advertise the open position.

ASSESSMENT – We conduct a short interview with the candidates who have proved to be suitable based on their CV. We introduce your company, map the candidates’ previous work experience and evaluate first-level communication and language skills. In addition, we collect information about the previous work performance of the final candidates and call 1–2 referees who have worked with a particular candidate either as a colleague, partner, manager or subordinate. It is possible to order additional services for evaluating candidates, including testing and focused interviews.

SELECTION – We will provide you with CVs of up to 8 potential candidates with a brief summary. The summary gives you information about the recruitment partner’s observations when communicating with the candidate and a CV analysis. If necessary, we assist with the organization of final meetings with candidates, but will not participate in the meetings ourselves.

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