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Mental Ability Scale

Mental ability or intelligence comes from the Latin word intelligentia, which means cleverness.

Intelligence is a general mental quality that is expressed in the ability to reason, plan, and think in general categories, understand complex ideas, and find a solution to a problem quickly.

The assessment of mental ability allows us to predict an employee’s potential, ability to adapt and learn, and job performance in a wide variety of professions.

Verbal, arithmetic, and spatial abilities are distinguished:

  • verbal ability is expressed in linguistic insight and accurate perception and effective mastery of verbal information;
  • numerical ability primarily reflects logical thinking, analytical skills and the ability to effectively use numerical information;
  • spatial ability consists of the effective and quick perception of spatial relationships of objects, visualization of events and orientation in space

Similarly to the personality questionnaire, a mental ability questionnaire has been developed separately with managers as the norm group.

The test is completed in a controlled environment – either in our office or online with the camera on to ensure that the candidate does not use external help when completing the test.

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