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Motivation Questionnaire MQ

The Motivation Questionnaire helps to identify a person’s driving forces and thereby understand better what actually motivates him/her.

Motivation is personal.
Everyone is triggered by different factors, most of which are not related to gender or age. By knowing the motivators, you know how to make better hiring decisions or the right management decisions regarding your team.

Motivation is an internal driving force.
True motivation does not only depend on external factors. A manager can increase or decrease motivation through external means, not create it. With external motivators (praise, reward), the manager can reward employees only in the short term, as a person can work with enthusiasm only for a short time if in fact they do not like the job.

The questionnaire identifies 4 important scales of motivation and their subscales:

  • Energy and mobility scales (activity level, achievement, competitiveness, fear of failure, power, commitment, business perspective)
  • Synergy scales (belonging, recognition, principles, sense of security and confidence, personal development)
  • Internal motivation (interest, flexibility, independence)
  • External motivators (material benefits, career advancement, status)

We suggest using the motivation questionnaire:

  • when recruiting new employees – to choose people with suitable motivation for your organization and your team.
  • when mapping your team’s motivation and making management decisions.


The questionnaire can be taken in most languages ​​(except Baltic languages).


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