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Personality test

The personality test describes an individual based on five principal personality traits. The test results show a person’s self-perception, which others may not perceive in the same way. We tend to evaluate others through our personal perception, experience and attitude. Therefore, the test also has a reliability scale to support the correct interpretation of the results.

Personality traits are part of permanent behaviour and reactions unique to a person. Researchers have identified key personality traits to describe one’s personality. They fall into five major groups describing:

  • Emotional stability
  • Extraversion
  • Adaptiveness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Openness

The theory of five major personality traits is the basis of the personality test. In addition to the five main scales, each broad personality trait is also described by three subscales.

Knowing a person’s personality traits makes it easy to analyze their suitability for a given position. Conscientiousness is the most predictive of success.

To analyze the personality traits of managers, a special version of the personality questionnaire has been developed, which is standardized on the basis of the results of successful managers and thus allows to assess the inherent psychological potential of test takers to fulfill the role of the manager. The feedback report presents the candidate’s results compared to many experienced managers in Estonia. The scales used in the test are also different.

Personality inventory tests can be done online. Candidates can access the test via email.

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