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Annely Veelaid

Annely helps all recruitment partners and trainers in with the preparation and execution of personnel search projects and trainings. She is also responsible for smooth work in the Pärnu office.

Annely communicates with all our candidates to arrange appointments, conduct tests and sends emails about the progress of the competition.

“I value conscientiousness, helpfulness, and determinedness.”

Annely has studied to be a secretary-accountant, previously she has worked as a real estate agent, sales coordinator, and as purchase and personnel assistant in a production company. Having lived in both England and the United States, Annely has had many enriching experiences getting to know people and work cultures in different environments.

She joined Tammiste Personalibüroo’s hardworking team in June 2021. Conducting tests and giving feedback to candidates were added to the original administrative tasks. Annely also supports with translations if necessary.

Colleagues about Annely:
Annely’s drive to do everything right and on time has made her a very reliable colleague. She is also ready to work longer days if unexpected turns in the projects require it.

Her responsiveness and friendliness have made her our dream assistant. Annely has opened up and grown with us over time, and today she has become our strong back-office force – you can count on her!

Annely has completed the following trainings and obtained licenses:

Annely Veelaid - Tammiste Personalibüroo | Värbamine - Koolitus - Coaching


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