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About us

Tammiste Personalibüroo is named after its founder. In 2001, Sirje Tammiste with experience as a psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer, coach and recruitment partner based the creation of the company on common subjects in different fields and assembled a team, whose everyday work is based on a certain principle – with us you build bridges in successful employment.

As one of the leading recruitment companies in Estonia, Tammiste Personalibüroo is a recruitment and training partner for hundreds of Estonian and international companies, bringing them together with the right people, evaluating both employees and candidates, and developing teams with engaging trainings and coaching. Unique trainings are always tailored with the company’s goals in mind.

Tammiste Personalibüroo has a confidential Talent bank, which is a convenient platform for jobseekers to find a new job and an excellent opportunity for clients to find suitable candidates through targeted search and achieve fast results.

With 22 years of experience, Tammiste Personalibüroo has helped to build bridges in successful employment in many business areas, including medical, manufacturing, sales, construction, energy, IT and electronics companies. Every successful process starts with contact – contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

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Our core value is "We is bigger than me". We are like-minded colleagues, who are always there for each other and the continuous growth of each person and the whole team is important to us. Only this way we can be valuable partners for both our clients and candidates.

20+ successful years

Tammiste Personalibüroo was founded in 2001.

2000+ effective recruitments

We are a recruitment partner for hundreds of Estonian and international companies.

5000+ training participants

Our trainings are always tailored with the company's goals in mind.

Our people

Sirje Tammiste

Member of the Board, Recruitment Partner, Trainer

Kadi Kuuskmann

Member of the Board, Recruitment Partner, Trainer

Ilona Viilu

Member of the Board, Recruitment Partner

Clients about us


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