Kadi Kuuskmann

Kadi is a partner for various companies and organizations in the selection process of top specialists and managers. She helps to map the company’s needs and supports managers in creating a profile of the position, conducting the entire recruitment process and making an informed choice.

Kadi joined the Tammiste Personalibüroo in 2006, starting as an Assistant alongside Sirje. Soon after, Kadi continued as a Recruitment Partner and since 2008 as a Trainer.

“When it comes to finding the right people, it’s important for me to understand the client on a deeper level – what ensures success in this particular team? At the beginning of a recruitment project, I also look for answers to the following questions: What kind of people work in the company and who fits among them? What is the company’s work and management culture? What are the manager’s values and how are they expressed in everyday work? What are the development plans and so on.”

Kadi studied psychology at Tallinn University and specialized in organizational psychology.

In addition to experience, professional development has been supported by several trainings, such as studies in EBS’s Human Resources Managers’ Development Program, training of communication trainers, and studying to become a DiSC Profile certified consultant-trainer.

Kadi has helped establish the following employment relationships:

  • International technology company – CEO
  • Skepast&Puhkim OÜ – Head of the Planning Department;  Head of the Environmental Management Unit; Environmental Expert;  Socio-Economic Impact Assessor
  • Roche Eesti OÜ – Healthcare System Partner in Access
  • Floreana OÜ – Manager
  • Infovara OÜ – Business Customer Sales Manager
  • Profab Houses AS – Technical Support Specialist in Sales
  • Roche Eesti OÜ – Head of the Financial and Support Services Unit
  • Karjamõisa OÜ – Production Manager; Quality Specialist
  • Indetek OÜ – Catering Equipment Designer
  • OSHINO Electronics Estonia OÜ – Project Manager
  • Post11 OÜ – Supply Chain Manager; Warehouse Manager
  • Bauhof Group AS – Business Analyst
  • Metsä Wood Eesti AS – HR Manager, Production Manager
  • Security Software OÜ – Project Manager
  • Roni REM AS – CEO
  • Jolos OÜ – Project Manager


Colleagues about Kadi:

Kadi has grown into a key employee with us. She has always devotedly contributed to the development of the company. Kadi is the one who Sirje turns to when she needs advice about an important decision. Kadi is good at listening and asking deep questions. She always has her own opinion on things, which adds substance and new perspectives to our discussions.

As a colleague, Kadi is very warm and supportive, a role model for younger people. Of course, we love Kadi’s good sense of humor. Client satisfaction is very important to Kadi. It is equally important that the people who she has helped get hired are satisfied with the change. Her ability to open up and understand people brings trust and respect to cooperative relationships.

Kadi is a trained psychologist, certified communication and interaction skills trainer and DiSC Profile consultant-trainer.

As a team and leadership development programs trainer, Kadi focuses on developing efficient communication skills. Whether it is managing difficult conversations, developing assertiveness or cooperation skills, implementing value-based management or giving feedback – Kadi approaches them through communication skills and competence development.

Kadi has grown into her role as a trainer at the Tammiste Personalibüroo. Being a partner for the managers of companies and organizations, new training programs and topics are born from the customers’ needs. Kadi has presented and conducted workshops at various conferences. She is an educator at the Gordon Family School, and since 2018 she has been carrying out efficient communication training for parents.

As a trainer, continuous development is important for Kadi. Self-improvement and research of topics are very characteristic of her. Many Tammiste Personalibüroo trainings are carried out in Kadi and Sirje’s cooperation.

“As a communication coach and trainer, I value a personal approach to each team. Every training program starts with mapping the current situation, and the basis of the program is the goal of what kind of change the training must bring. If there is a goal and a target, you can choose the way to get there!

As an educator, I enjoy the whole process. Creation of the program and materials in the preparation phase, working with the group on the training day. Each group is different and yet so special and that is exciting! I especially enjoy development programs where, as a trainer, I have the opportunity to be with the participants during a longer training cycle and to be their companion in acquiring new (communication) skills.”

Kadi’s main training areas:

  • Leadership development programs;
  • Team training days based on the DiSC Profile;
  • Communication training: two-day video training for managers and teams (assertion, coping with conflicts);
  • Recruitment training;
  • Team/leadership training on various topics related to communication, management development, team building and development, and cooperation.


Kadi as an educator:

Kadi is curious, innovative, and constantly developing herself. She does not go to any training without thorough preparation. She always creates a pleasant atmosphere where teams openly discuss their cooperation and learn new skills with joy.

Kadi’s cooperation with Sirje is so good that they finish each other’s sentences and understand each other’s glances. This is thanks to their honest and open communication with each other. This is the kind of interaction that Kadi’s clients also enjoy – she works for them, honestly and from her heart. Kadi always goes above and beyond.

Kadi has completed and has obtained the following trainings and licenses:

Feedback from the participants of Kadi’s trainings:

I had a great opportunity to organize recruitment training for my team with Tammiste Personalibüroo and with Kadi as our trainer. It was very nice to prepare for the training because Kadi was thorough in her approach to the topics and full of will to conduct efficient training for us. During the training, she created a relaxed atmosphere and got the participants to talk with playful ease. I appreciate Kadi’s openness, courage, and flexibility. Also, her positivity and ability to communicate with the team. I liked Kadi’s ability to conduct group work and discussions, where we got good tips for the future through practical examples. I enjoyed working with Kadi and I hope we will continue to do so in the future!

– Katre Zirel
Chief Nursing Officer at North Estonia Medical Centre

The training was very intensive and interactive. All pieces of the theory could be practiced on-site in pairs so that the knowledge would be remembered better. The trainers Kadi and Sirje were very good at keeping the attention up throughout the day. The teamwork between the two trainers was great. I have never seen before that a training day is conducted by two people who fit together so well and complement each other.”

– Estonian Defense Forces
Participant in the training of personal review meetings

I really liked our training day together, Kadi immediately understood us and spoke the same language with us all day!

– North Estonia Medical Centre
Participant of the training day for chief nurses

The goal of our training was to get to know each other better and thereby promote cooperation in our team. DISC training provided an excellent opportunity for this. We learned how valuable it is to have people with different profiles in a team, how to understand each other better, and why and how to adapt our behavior according to a colleague’s profile. The trainer Kadi was very open and professional and knew how to engage the participants well.

– Piret Kask
HR Director at CircleK

Kadi Kuuskmann


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Jagame oma uudiskirjas personalitöö-, juhtimis- ja suhtlemisalaseid kogemusi ja mõtteid. Igas uudiskirjas anname infot ka tööpakkumiste ja koolituste kohta.

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