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Marlén Vilbaste

Marlén’s role is to manage recruitment projects from the inquiry to the selected candidate’s onboarding, supporting companies and organizations as well as candidates in making an informed choice.

“I believe that the team work and management experience gained from my previous jobs helps me understand people better and see behind their words as well. In this way, I can help companies and candidates find new colleagues or challenges that match their values and needs.”

Marlén has worked in sales, entertainment as well as in retail, leading a small team. She studied at Tallinn University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Administration and Business Management. In addition, she has improved her HR and recruitment knowledge with different trainings.

Marlén started as a Recruitment Assistant at Tammiste Personalibüroo at the beginning of April 2021. Working closely with recruitment partners within the framework of various competitions, Marlén noticed how dedicated her colleagues are. This inspired her to move one step further on the career ladder, and the team of Tammiste Personalibüroo also saw the potential in her to fulfill the role of Project Manager. Since May 2022, Marlén has been working in the company as a Recruitment Partner.

Marlén has helped establish the following employment relationships:

  • Azets Insight OÜ – Team Lead of Accounting Department
  • Marabu Airlines OÜ – Crew Travel Officer
  • Orkla Eesti AS – Maintenance Manager; Mechatronic
  • MS Balti Trafo OÜ – Process Engineer
  • Oshino Electronics OÜ – SMT Process Engineer
  • Novira Capital OÜ – Chief Accountant
  • Skepast&Puhkim OÜ – Accountant
  • Maves OÜ – Geologist; Driller
  • AS Eesti OTIS – Senior Accountant; Elevator Installation Foreman
  • Deck Marine Systems OÜ – Concept Design and Calculations Engineer
  • eu-LISA – Senior Administrative Assistant; Administrative Assistant
  • Click&Grow – Chief Revenue Officer
  • Lantmännen Unibake Estonia AS – Production Manager; Quality Manager; Junior Project Manager

Colleagues about Marlén:

When Marlén started working as an assistant, it was clear to us right away that this is just a temporary job for her. She had the abilities and heart for a job with much greater responsibility. And so it happened – a year later we offered her the role of Recruitment Partner. Her ability to learn quickly, systematization and consistency make her an excellent project manager.

Marlén is very dedicated. Clients have noticed this and value Marlén very highly. In a short time, she already has her regular clients.

Marlén is a very nice, warm colleague with a cool sense of humor, with whom we all really enjoy working.

Marlén has completed the following trainings and obtained licenses:

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