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Monika Lehtmets

Monika supports recruitment partners in projects, in which her main role is to find suitable candidates who are open to offers. In addition, she is responsible for keeping our social media, website, and newsletter up to date, as well as for the development of the company’s Talent Bank. From time to time, she helps companies in creating advertising campaigns and conducting pre-selection projects.

“For me, it is important that the candidate’s journey in the recruitment process is smooth and that all parties involved are kept informed. I consider correctness and accuracy important, I am responsible and conscientious in my work, and I am definitely fast!”

Monika has completed her master’s degree in Service Design and Management at the University of Tartu Pärnu College and is also qualified as an accountant’s assistant. Previously, she has worked in the public sector in the field of education. She has been a specialist of youth and career information, contributed to the development of study counseling services in Pärnu County and worked as an information specialist in the Rajaleidja counseling centre.

Monika joined the Tammiste team in 2018 as an office assistant and over the years has taken on other supporting roles in the recruitment process. Today, she works as Recruitment Specialist.

Monika has helped establish the following employment relationships:

  • Civitta (eu-LISA) – Senior Administrative Support; Senior Administrative Support; Digital Learning Specialist
  • Ruukki Products AS – HR specialist
  • Chemi-Pharm AS – warehouse worker/assembler

Colleagues about Monika:
Monika is the centre of our entire team. Whatever questions or problems arise, we can always get help from Monika.

In addition to her role as a recruitment specialist, she is responsible for our database development, newsletter and many other day-to-day operations. Her keen eye and good thoughts shine through in everything she does. Her warmth, cheerful personality, and approachability make it very easy to ask for her help.

For Monika, it is important to exceed the expectations of others. Colleagues, clients or candidates – she always tries to offer more than expected.

Monika has completed the following trainings and obtained licenses:

Monika Lehtmets - Tammiste Personalibüroo | Värbamine - Koolitus - Coaching


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