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Sirje Tammiste

Sirje is the founder and manager of the company, who also works with clients on a daily basis. Sirje is responsible for the success of recruitment projects for executive managers and members of the management team.

Sirje creates long-term cooperative relationships with clients based on trust. She has recruited managers in a wide variety of fields – hospitals, schools, pharmaceutical companies, universities, manufacturing and construction companies, etc. Hence, many recruited managers have turned to Tammiste Personalibüroo when building their team.

“I consider it my mission to promote both management and recruitment culture in Estonia. Leaders on their own do not get far, lifelong learning and inner growth create the basis for a leader’s success. I am deeply convinced of this. It is my firm opinion that every candidate should leave a job interview with a greater self-awareness. Sustainable development of my company has been a big challenge for me. This means building a functional and well-collaborative professional team and managing it daily. As a manager, I am guided by certain principles, the most important of which is: “If you do the work you love with dedication and passion, the work will give back to you.” All my colleagues know that “we” is always bigger than “me” and only work done very well is worth doing.

Sirje has an education as a psychologist and work experience as a psychotherapist, which she later supplemented by studying human resources management at EBS. Undergoing communication coach and solution-oriented coaching trainings provided her new skills and professions as an adult trainer-communication coach and as a Certified Professional Coach (ICF).

Her professional career spans two different and yet overlapping fields. For 11 years, while managing the work of the Pärnu Family Counseling Centre and working as a therapist, her clients were families with complicated relationships.

The last 22 years she has been working with companies that want to recruit new employees and develop their teams and companies. More and more, she meets managers who consider self-development important. Thus, she can practice both psychological knowledge and the skills of a therapist.

Sirje has successfully managed the following recruitment projects:

  • The North Estonia Medical Centre – Financial Manager; Chief Medical Officer – Member of the Board
  • Social Insurance Board – Head of Department of Victim Assistance and Prevention Services
  • Sami Masinakeskus OÜ – Marketing Manager; Export Sales Manager
  • Timberstock OÜ – CEO/Member of the Board
  • Nunne hotell – CEO
  • SA Viljandi Haigla – Head of the Financial Service; Head of a Psychiatric Clinic; Member of the Board (field of somatic therapy); Member of the Board (psychiatry); Financial Manager
  • Standwood OÜ – CEO
  • Warmeston OÜ – Factory Managers and Subsidiary CEO
  • Infovara OÜ – Sales Manager for business clients
  • Birger OÜ – Production Director
  • Pärnu Linnavalitsus – HR Manager
  • Helland Baltic OÜ – Purchasing Manager
  • MS Balti Trafo OÜ – Product Engineers
  • Kolmeks AS – Supply Chain Manager
  • ESSVE Estonia AS – CEO
  • Roche Eesti OÜ – Healthcare Innovation Partner; partners in therapy fields; Digital Healthcare Manager
  • Pärnu Spordikool – Director
  • Lumbar OÜ – CEO/Member of the Board
  • Chemi-Pharm AS – Supply Chain Manager; Head of Business Development; Export Manager; Warehouse Manager
  • Eesti Laulu- ja Tantsupeo Sihtasutus – Chairman
  • Viimsi Vallavalitsus – Director of Viimsi School
  • Valmos OÜ – Chief Accountant-Financial Manager
  • Eesti Lennuakadeemia – Vice-Rector of Studies
  • Eesti Killustik OÜ – Regional Sales Manager; CEO
  • Ursus OÜ – Sales Director
  • Tartu Ülikool – Chancellor
  • Ruukki Products AS – Factory Manager
  • Bauhof Group AS – Head of Business Services for the Northern Region

Colleagues about Sirje:

Sirje is the heart and soul of Tammiste Personalibüroo. Her drive, thoroughness and care are a great inspiration to all Tammiste employees. As a leader, Sirje is inclusive, empathetic and at the same time concrete – it is important to talk about things as they are. And with her openness and sincerity, she creates a very good atmosphere for such trust. Sirje is quickly accepted by the clients, as the focus in cooperation is really on the client’s needs and goals. Sirje has a lot of experience and a good understanding of the recruiting landscape, and she dares to take decisions and introduce innovations.

In her trainings, Sirje combines psychological knowledge, the psychotherapist’s systematic approach to people and human relationships, the professional skills of a communication coach, and coaching principles and creates unique training programs based on the client’s expectations.

Most of all, she loves to do development programs that create an opportunity to form permanent new habits and help consolidate learned skills so that everyday behavior also changes.

The topics for Sirje’s training programs come from the expectations of her clients and her own experience of which skills to develop to give more satisfaction in working life.

Sirje is a valued speaker at various conferences and seminars. She has published articles on management, recruitment, and communication in various newspapers and magazines. She also shares her thoughts on communication skills, management, and personnel selection in a blog on the company’s website.

“As a trainer, I get to be a part of teams growing together. Whether it is a better mutual understanding or the development of specific skills, through this, I can contribute to people’s greater job satisfaction and companies’ business success. I appreciate this opportunity!”

Sirje’s main training areas:

  • Leadership development programs;
  • Team training days based on the DiSC Profile;
  • Communication skills trainings: assertiveness skills, coping with conflicts;
  • Managing complex conversations;
  • Conducting personal development review meetings;
  • Recruitment trainings:
    Sirje has created Coaching interviewing training, where she teaches participants to open up and understand their real goals to make the right decisions when choosing employees;
  • Team/leadership training on various topics related to communication, management development, team building and development, and cooperation.

Sirje as an educator:

Sirje is very thorough as a trainer – all training programs are prepared in cooperation with the client. She always focuses on the client’s expectations from a practical point of view – what change is needed?

When conducting trainings, Sirje’s strength is the creation of a trusting atmosphere, openness in dealing with topics, and professionalism in managing group processes. Her background as a coach and psychologist creates additional value in handling and managing more complex topics.

While training with Kadi, they have received feedback from clients that this compatibility is not often seen in trainers. After all, this is the result of long-term cooperation.

Sirje has completed and has obtained the following trainings and licenses:

Sirje Tammiste


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Jagame oma uudiskirjas personalitöö-, juhtimis- ja suhtlemisalaseid kogemusi ja mõtteid. Igas uudiskirjas anname infot ka tööpakkumiste ja koolituste kohta.

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